Survey: SMB Early Adopters on Foursquare



Internet2Go Advisory
Founded in March 2009, New York-based Foursquare has touched off an LBS or “geo-social gaming” craze. Its features have also been widely copied and it is has become the darling of the blognescenti.

Rather than an LBS game, Foursquare is better thought of as a new type of mobile-centric social cityguide. It has also become a marketing platform for many businesses and brands, including Starbucks, Bravo/NBC, publisher Conde Nast and others.

Many SMBs are also experimenting with the site as a local marketing platform. To learn more about these SMBs and their experiences on Foursquare, Internet2Go collaborated on a survey of local businesses currently using the site and offering incentives to Foursquare "mayors" and loyal customers.

This Internet2Go advisory presents the results of the first Foursquare marketer survey, focused on small businesses. There were more than 1,000 SMBs solicited with a total of 125 completes.

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