Survey: Testing US Consumer Demand for the iPhone 5s Ahead of Launch



On September 10, Apple formally unveiled the long-anticipated iPhone 5s and the rumored iPhone 5c. The 5c takes the place of the current iPhone 5 in Apple’s iPhone line-up. It’s essentially the same device with a few upgrades and a colorful polycarbonate exterior. The 5c is $100 less expensive than the “flagship” 5s. Speculation about what the “c” stands for has ranged from “cheap” to “China” and “color.”

On September 13, the 5c became available for pre-order (Apple isn’t allowing pre-orders of the 5s). Analysts and journalists had expected a triumphant press release the following Monday. But no such release came, leading to speculation that the 5c was a dud and had failed to generate significant pre-orders.

This weekend Apple launches the 5s amid rumors of "severly constrained" supplies.

Rather than wait for an official press release on September 23, we conducted an online survey of 1,508 US adults between (September 16 and September 19) to assess demand for the new iPhones vs. competitors. We asked survey respondents, “Which of the following [handsets] would you like as your next mobile phone?” They were permitted to select a single answer from a randomized list of options.

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