AdAge: Amazon in Talks to Buy Mobile Ad Network Jumptap

Yesterday AdAge reported that Amazon was in talks to buy mobile ad network Jumptap. However the report was speculative and the deal might just as easily not take place. Based in Boston, Jumptap holds 25 mobile advertising patents.

Beyond Jumptap's intrinsic appeal as leading ad network, the IP portfolio represents an added incentive to buy the company vs. one of its rivals. Yet the Jumptap overture appears to be part of a larger effort that Amazon is making to evaluate multiple ad networks for acquisition:

Amazon has kicked the tires on a few mobile-ad companies, including mobile-ad network Jumptap, according to two people familiar with the talks. Amazon and Jumptap declined to comment. 

Amazon has also hired a former Microsoft executive (Jamie Wells) to build a mobile ad sales team, according to the AdAge article. 

Jumptap began life as a mobile search company intended to provide white-label services to carriers and others that wanted to compete with Google. However the company was forced to "pivot" a few years later as that business proved limited at best. It has since found much more success as a display ad network. 

In the recent ad network comparison we did for the report Finding the “L” Spot: The Importance of Localization to Mobile Ad Performance, I was surprised to see that Jumptap had much greater reach (in the three test cities) than the other networks, including Millennial and AdMob.

Even if it's not Jumptap, it's quite likely that Amazon will acquire an ad network, given its burgeoning mobile business -- though Kindle Fire sales have slowed dramatically.

I have also speculated that Facebook is another one that is likely to acquire a mobile ad network. However if the company does wind up buying Opera it would get the benefit of Opera's earlier acquisition of "ad mediator" AdMarvel. 

In January I predicted that Amazon would buy a mobile ad network. Jumptap was one of the potential companies. 

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