Is Apple Winning or Losing with iAd?

There's a lot of conflicting information about the success -- or lack of success -- of Apple's iAd. I've seen many reports and articles praising it and criticizing it. Last week Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz predicted that iAd would "fall apart for them."

However on Sunday a Bloomberg/BusinessWeek report (based on IDC estimates) argued that Apple is in fact taking share from other ad networks:

Apple will end the year with 21 percent of the market, according to estimates provided to by researcher IDC. Google's share will drop to 21 percent, from 27 percent last year, when combined with results from AdMob, the ad network it bought in May. Microsoft will drop to 7 percent, from 10 percent . . . 

Apple's push into mobile ads may be a reason for its rivals' market-share declines. 

Here are the IDC US ad network marketshare figures as presented in the article:

  • Apple: 21% 
  • Google: 21%
  • JumpTap: 13%
  • Millennial: 11%
  • Yahoo: 9%
  • Microsoft: 7%
  • Nokia: 2% 
  • Other: 16%

The article doesn't identify the basis for the share estimates, but I assume it's dollars -- percent of the market's total value. However IDC's estimates have been off in the past, according to the ad networks themselves.

Ad network inMobi presents a different picture of impression distribution on a global basis. In July 2010 data it shows Nokia with about half of all "available" global ad impressions and the iPhone with about 7%:

  • Nokia/Symbian: 48%
  • iPhone: 7%
  • Android: 3.5%
  • RIM: 2.8%
  • Palm/WebOS: 1.1%
  • Other: 37.2%

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