Deals Once Again Most Desired Form of Mobile Advertising

Ad network Mojiva released some data last week about usage of mobile devices during the auto-shopping process. For example the ad network said, "More than two thirds (69%) of consumers are interested in using their mobile phone to research buying or leasing a vehicle." This was based on a small survey of just over 200 US consumers.

What was most interesting to me about the data is this chart: 

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 12.14.36 PM

Question: "What information would you find most valuable in a mobile ad?" The answer: "deals and offers."

This is something of a "generic answer" for consumers. Deals and coupons are typically the preferred form of mobile advertising when consumers are surveyed according to Opus data, and data from InsightExpress and Luth Research among others. Deals are the most common reason consumers "Like" brands on Facebook (Nielsen, October 2011). The slide above simply reinforces the other findings.  

In the real world consumer attitudes and behavior often diverge -- so the ads most clicked on or investigated by consumers may not always be offer or coupon oriented ads. But the data above reinforce and illustrate consumer interests and motivations.