Google Says Mobile Ad Revenues Now $1 Billion

Google's Jonathan Rosenberg just disclosed on Google's earnings call that the company had $1 billion in mobile ad revenues. This number includes both search and display and is probably global. (Update: revenues are split between, search, display and Android apps). 

Eric Schmidt: Display will become a "very significant" component of mobile ad revenues. There's "hockey stick-like growth." 

This is the first time that Google has shared such a number. If that number is a projection for 2010 based on a current run rate it would represent a small amount of what will likely turn into a $29-$30 billion year for Mountain View. But in general it's a very large number and it shows that Google already has a very real business. 

No doubt that revenue number is substantially boosted by AdMob. 


Google said CPC prices are "a good bit lower" on mobile vs. the PC. But Click2Call and hyperlocal are driving better CPMs and better monetization, relatively speaking. 

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Google isn't threatned by competitive Android stores (Verizon, Amazon). He said Google isn't looking to Android app revenue share as a meaningful source of revenue.