JumpTap: New Consumer Ad Personalization Dashboard, More Rich Media & Another Patent

A slew of announcements came out of JumpTap over the past 24 hours. The most interesting and important of those is the introduction of a consumer dashboard that enables users to manage ad-category settings, much like the Google and Yahoo! online privacy and ad management dashboards. JumpTap CMO Paran Johar told me yesterday that no one else in mobile has done something like this. And he's correct.

Here's how the press release describes it:

The new feature -- scheduled for release mid-year -- is an industry first, advancing Jumptap's lead in providing superior performing advertising solutions powered by "consumer intelligence."  It also signals a mobile advertising market shift, away from an increasingly siloed world of competing mobile advertising platforms to a single, open platform with the consumer in control.  

Rather than a privacy dashboard it's more of an ad personalization dashboard that allows consumers to indicate interests (or a lack thereof) in a menu of different ad categories. They can also entirely opt-out or turn it off, though they will still see ads. This isn't opting out of mobile advertising. It simply turns the additional personalization off. I told Johar that JumpTap will need to make that clear to people. 

It's a novel and potentially important approach that mirrors what's going on online, as ad networks and the IAB try to get out in front of potential privacy regulation. This could well be the start of an industry wide effort to adopt a unified approach to ad targeting and disclosure across platforms -- or at least a mobile-wide parallel approach.

Consumers want and respond to "relevant" ads and giving them some measure of control over what ads they see is beneficial for both them and for marketers. The challenge with such a system is getting people to engage with it. But if people understand what it means and how it works they likely will. 

Anything that makes mobile advertising more "opt-in" will improve response rates and overall satisfaction. The new dashboard will be available in the next couple of months. 

The company also announced a new "Unified Rich Media Ad Platform" that delivers a wide range of rich media ad units. Simultaneously JumpTap said that it received its sixth mobile advertising patent. It now has an impressive and broad patent portfolio, which adds to takeover appeal.