Jumptap Maps Kindle Fire Hotspots

Out with its December "MobileSTAT" mix of network data, Jumptap confirms what others before it (most notably Millennial Media) have said about Kindle Fire -- that it's the most successful Android tablet out of the gate:

In the first two weeks after the Fire’s mid-November launch, Amazon’s tablet outpaced all of the other iPad competitors in traffic including the Motorola Zoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Kindle Fire traffic grew 270% in November.

Here are the top Kindle cities in the US, as reflected in ad requests on Jumptap's network:

Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 6.08.09 AM

Google’s Andy Rubin reported in Q4 last year that roughly 6 million Android tablets were in market. However there's not much evidence of actual usage. For example, see the following data from WiFi ad network JiWire (which also confirms Kindle Fire's surge):

The rumor is that Google will be producing a 7-inch tablet to compete with Kindle Fire and potentially undercutting it on price. 

Finally, a few other pieces of data from the MobileSTAT report. Android handsets now have more than 2X share of other operating systems on its network (Android 52.7%, iOS 22.1%). Compare Millennial's numbers (Android 50% vs. iOS 30%).

Among ad-targeting methods, location/geo is by far more widely used than other forms. While 79% of advertisers on Jumptap's network use at least one form of targeting, 64% use only one. Jumptap anticipates that will increase however over the coming year.