Verve, AP Offer "White Label" Mobile App

Verve Wireless and AP have joined forces to offer a mobile app for newspaper and other local media publishers. It's also an effort to build an ad network, which Verve has been doing since its inception as a platform for newspaper publishers and other media companies to mobilize their content. The white label app works across the major smartphone platforms. 

According to the press release from yesterday:

The new white label service is based off the award winning AP Mobile news network application developed for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, and Nokia N series devices. To date, it has been downloaded by more than 2.4 million people and has more than 55 million page views a month. The application provides readers with features such as rich graphics, audio and video as well as breaking news alerts.

The new service was built to directly address expense and time constraints that publishers would face in building, hosting, maintaining and upgrading their own cross-platform mobile application. This allows publishers to streamline operations under one vendor and standardize content presentation, usage metrics and advertising delivery . . .

Verve Dashboard provides publishers with a means to manage mobile executions in one place. It offers controls for use by editors, advertising, marketing, sales, and content creators. Publishing options include mobile Web, and client applications (all platforms), as well as video. Advertising options include display, messages, interstitial, video, and national geo-targeting, with the ability to manage one campaign across all properties utilizing the national network. Reporting and analytics are also provided through the dashboard. 

Publishers are increasingly looking to mobile as a critical platform for distribution and potentially revenue, but most local media companies are probably not able to put out competitive apps and mobile properties, let alone monetize them themselves.