xAD Raises Money, Game On in Local Ad Network Space

Local ad platform xAD (formerly V-Enable) just announced that it had raised $4 million Emergence Capital. It also announced that it is profitable, growing 20% per month and "serving 200m local search ad requests per month." The company also says it delivers 10 million calls per month.

xAD said it will use the money for technology upgrades and development. 

The company operates LocalAdXChange which was one of the first local ad networks for mobile. It takes inventory (ads) from many sources, including yellow pages publishers, and delivers those ads to a growing list of publishers across its network. It also optimizes ads across sites and by geography. 

Picture 4

In the past 12-18 months a number of other local and local-mobile ad networks have launched:

  • CityGrid
  • Marchex (calls)
  • Chitika
  • Where.com
  • LSN
  • Verve Wireless¬†

AT&T Interactive should also be considered a network and provides lots of inventory to others, including Bing.

Where there was once almost nothing now the segment is very crowded with local and local-mobile networks. That's good for advertisers and publishers both.

Generally speaking CTRs, engagement and performance of mobile ads beat the PC. In my previous post I discussed data that suggest mobile uses are better and more immediate prospects for local ads (or locally targeted ads) than PC users.