Yahoo Makes Mobile Search More App-Like

Yahoo has enriched its mobile search experience for Android and iPhone users. The new, HTML5-powered search results include tabs that generally mimic or correspond to the new "accordion" design of Yahoo search results on the PC (see top image below). Here's the Yahoo discussion of the mobile search improvements:

Late last week, we rolled out an updated mobile search experience for smartphones. We’ve honed search results for local business listings, stock information, entertainment topics, videos, and images. You’ll see that results for these topics are neatly packaged so you can find exactly what you need when you’re out and about . . .

U.S. users of most iPhones and some newer versions of Android 2.x phones are automatically being taken to this new product when you search from If you are an Android user, you can also search from the Yahoo! Search for Android widget (download it from the Android market on your phone). It is now available in 13 countries, and you can speak your query in English, Spanish, and Bahasa Indonesia.

 Picture 23

Overall, there's more information "above the fold" and more functionality in the new results. They're also "cleaner" and more visually appealing than corresponding search results on the mobile Web version of Google. 

Picture 24