AdMob: 5 Billion Served

According to an article in MediaPost, AdMob served its "5 billionth mobile ad" (that's on a global basis) and is now serving a billion ads per month across its partner network of mobile sites. The company's clients include marquee brands such as Starbucks, JCPenney, Atlantic Records and Coca-Cola.

Almost 50% of these impressions come from three markets: the U.S., U.K. and South Africa.

What it indicates is that the mobile Internet as an ad-distribution platform is real. However, it's not mainstream. Research from Ingenio and Harris Interactive (more for clients), conducted earlier this year among U.S. mobile users, found that a majority of consumers (70%) could not remember having seen (or heard) mobile ads within the past year.

That same research also reflects powerful consumer ambivalence about mobile advertising, suggesting that "relevant" sponsored search-style ads have the best hope (so far) of gaining consumer attention and adoption.