Meeker: Mobile Will Dominate by 2014

When I first saw this GigaOM post about Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker's mobile data I thought it was simply a rehash of the Q4 discussion she put out about the mobile Internet. But it's apparently based on some updated projections in a new "Internet Trends" slide presentation.

Below is the "money slide," showing that the global crossover point for the PC and mobile Internet is 2014 in the firm's estimation. In other words, when the two switch places -- when more people (on a global basis) will access the Internet via mobile devices than on PCs. 

Picture 160

Given that in some developing countries this is already the case, it's quite a safe prediction to make. In the US or EU the crossover is unlikely to happen quite as soon, though it likely will happen at some point in the next decade and maybe earlier rather than later.

Right now companies like Google say that mobile devices complement and don't cannibalize desktop PC usage: night and weekends vs. during the day. In addition the iPad has emerged as something of a "weekend" device, at least at this early stage. (I use mine daily.) It might be more accurate to say it's something of a "lesiure" device, at least more so than smartphones and PCs. 

We agree however with Meeker's conclusion that mobile devices will be primary and PC devices will become secondary over the next decade. And, as faster networks kick in, that will only accelerate the trend.