Android 'G2' to Be Called 'myTouch 3G'

The forthcoming T-Mobile Android G2/Ion/Magic will be apparently be formally called "myTouch 3G" according to the Wall Street Journal. It will go on sale at some point in the next couple of months and be the first of an anticipated deluge of Android-based devices to hit the US market.

The forthcoming myTouch 3G has no physical keyboard unlike the new Samsung Bigfoot (Android), which will also be sold by T-Mobile in the US at some point this summer.  

Google itself stole some of T-Mobile's thunder around the G2 by giving it away to hundreds of people at its recent developer conference. As a consequence there have been a number of reviews of the device on popular tech blogs and news sites. I have one and like it very much but find the overall experience to not match the iPhone's, although there are some features that are more desirable. 

These many soon-to-arrive Android devices will be appealing to consumers who want an "Internet phone" but who don't want to switch to AT&T to get the iPhone. Android isn't yet in a position to compete with Windows Mobile or BlackBerry for enterprise customers. But Windows Mobile phone consumer sales may be most vulnerable as more Android phones roll out.

Finally, as many more Android device hit the market and extend the reach of Android Market, its appeal to developers will grow accordingly. Apple is clearly (in my mind) making a mistake by staying with AT&T and may find itself with the "cadillac" device but with a de facto cap on its market share because of its carrier exclusivity.