ChaCha Scores with AT&T Deal

One could now argue that the reinvention of ChaCha is complete with the announcement of a strategic relationship with AT&T. Here's the deal:

As part of the agreement, ChaCha will use a co-branded greeting and promote AT&T when consumers call 1-800 2ChaCha (1-800-2-242242).

The two companies also will work together to further enhance ChaCha's free mobile-answers service and explore opportunities in both text and voice ad-based services. ChaCha will continue to provide free answers to any question -- anytime, anywhere -- to and from any activated wireless phone. Questions can cover any topic, from science to culture to sports and more.

ChaCha, which began on the Internet as a human-powered alternative to Google -- and largely failed to attract usage -- found its "voice" in mobile as a search engine and a simple and free alternative to conventional directory assistance. According to our discussions with the company, ChaCha continues to gain adoption and momentum. In some outlying cases the query frequency the company has seen exceeds -- remarkably -- the Internet's 80+ queries per user month (per comScore).