Cox Wireless to Compete on Price, Bundling

The US cable operators have tried and failed in the past to get into the wireless business. But with telcos gunning for their cable TV business, Cox and its brethern are getting back into wireless. Specifically Cox, "your friend in the digtial age," will be reselling Sprint's 3G and later the Sprint/Clearwire 4G network. Cox also owns some of its own 700 Mhz spectrum.

It will offer a "quadruple play" bundle: TV, Internet, landline (VoIP) and wireless. Cox is an investor in the Clearwire initiative. Whether or not people will "go for" Cox Wireless will depend on price: the stand-alone price of the service or the bundled price with other services. There's been no mention of what those prices might be. 

Cox has set up a website to advertise the new wireless service, to launch in March. Cox has also launched a humorous new TV campaign entitled "unbelievably fair":

Picture 187


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Clearwire, the US-based WiMax network operator, will launch the first 4G-enabled dual-mode smartphone in the second half of this year, according to chief executive William Morrow.

A dual-mode WiMax smartphone will enable mobile users to download internet content up to five times faster than the current generation of 3G handsets as well as make voice calls over Sprint Nextel's existing voice network. Sprint holds a 56.5 per cent stake in Clearwire