Millennial: VZW iPhone Boosts Apple Position

Millennial Media's device report, "Mobile Mix," is out for March. Here are some bullets from the data released: 

  • The iPhone grew 17% month-over-month and iOS grew 11% month-over-month -- due to the Verizon iPhone
  • Android was the leading smartphone OS
  • So-called "connected devices" (which includes the iPad) now represent 17% of impressions on Millennial's network 
  • RIM/BlackBerry OS experienced a 29% growth month-over-month (the Curve was the number two phone on its network) 

The chart immediately below reflects the top 20 phones (not devices overall) on the Millennial network in March. Microsoft devices still haven't made an appearance (or perhaps "haven't yet"). And because this is US data, Symbian is also missing.

Picture 8

Sixty-four percent of mobile devices on the Millennial network were smartphones in March. Of that smartphone segment 48% ran the Android OS. 

Picture 12

While Apple's OS had a 31% OS share on Millennial's network in March it generated 47% of the revenue vs. 36% for Android devices. So in terms of revenue iOS is outperforming its share and Android is still under-performing relative to share. 

Picture 13

For comparison purposes, here are data from June, 2010 showing smartphones at 46% of the device mix and Android at only 15% of smartphones:

Picture 8

The top two phones were iPhone and BlackBerry Curve in June 2010, identical to the March 2011 data. Another striking thing about this chart below is that there's more handset "diversity" reflected than in the similar chart above.

Picture 7