A Million Skype Downloads in 48 Hours

Skype said that in the two days following release, last week, of its first iPhone app there were roughly a million downloads. This indicates both the strength of the Skype brand and the fact that it has a huge installed base of users. But it also reflects the desire for cheaper calling options, especially internationally.

Several carriers appear to be digging in their heels and trying to block usage of Skype on their networks: AT&T in the US (it works on Wi-Fi but not 3G), Rogers in Canada and T-Mobile in Germany.  However an advocacy group has asked the US FCC to determine whether the exclusion of Skype from the AT&T network is legal.

An AT&T spokesman was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article resonding to the complaint:

"Customers are free to download and use the apps they want, but we have no obligation—nor should we have—to facilitate or subsidize our competitors' businesses."

This captures the carriers' fears about Skype and how VoIP may erode revenues in certain sectors over time.