Android Moto i1 on Boost with $50 Unlimited Plan

US carrier Sprint's pre-paid division Boost Mobile announced that its first Android phone, the Motorola i1, is now available. Though it runs on the slower iDEN network, the idea that an Android touch-screen phone comes with unlimited voice and data for $50 is pretty appealing. It could be very successful for Sprint/Boost.

There are two interesting, competing trends going on in the US wireless industry: a movement toward pre-paid plans by many consumers frustrated with high carrier fees and two-year commitments, and a movement toward smartphones. Smartphones generally aren't available to pre-paid customers for relatively obvious reasons (carriers use them to lure or retain high end contract accounts).

Yet these two seemingly opposing trends come together with this new Boost handset and plan. To my knowledge this is the only smartphone of its kind on a US pre-paid plan. If Sprint/Boost market this correctly it could be a huge opportunity for the company to capture new subscribers.

The offering also stands in sharp contrast to AT&T's move yesterday to kill unlimited data pricing.