Nokisoft Alliance Gets Cold Shoulder from VZW

One of the main objectives of the Nokia-Microsoft alliance is getting back into the game in North America. However Verizon Wireless, the largest or second largest US carrier depending on the quarter, appears to be expressing doubt and potentially shunning the couple.

Here's what Verizon Communications CTO Tony Melone said at the Mobile World Congress yesterday (via CNET):

I do want a strong third OS out there . . . It gives the carriers more flexibility and balances the interests of all the parties. But I still have doubts whether Microsoft will get the traction they are hoping for with Windows Phone 7 . . .

I don't think Verizon needs the Nokia and Microsoft relationship . . . Right now the three OS players we see for our network are Android, Apple, and RIM.

These are very strong statements from the company that Microsoft reportedly paid millions of dollars in revenue guarantees to secure a "default search" position on Verizon handsets, only to later see that overshadowed by Verizon's embrace of Android/Google and now the iPhone. 

While Verizon may have doubts about the viability of "Nokisoft" handsets, Verizon is still introducing a Windows Phone in Q2.

Here are the latest mobile subscriber figures from the four major US carriers: 

  • AT&T: 95 million
  • Verizon: 94 million
  • Sprint: 50 million
  • T-Mobile: 34 million¬†