Opera: We Save Consumers $8 Billion per Year

Opera has released its monthly State of the Mobile Web report for September. This month's report is focused on the Russian-led Commonwealth of Independent States. The company is also highlighting how its Opera Mini server-side compression of data/sites speeds up the mobile Web and saves consumers money on data charges (unless you're on an unlimited plan of course).

Here are some of the data and findings from the report:

  • In September 2009 more than 35.6 million people used Opera Mini
  • Those 35.6 million people viewed 15 billion pages in September 2009 . . . On an average day, Opera Mini users view 500 million Web pages on their phones.
  • Opera Mini users generated nearly 227 million MB of data for operators worldwide in September 2009 . . . Opera Mini is compressed up to 90%, meaning Opera Mini servers processed up to 2.1 petabytes of data this month.
  • Users in the top 10 countries save up to 672 million USD per month, or over 8.1 billion USD per year.
  • On a monthly basis, users in the United States and the United Kingdom save the most money using Opera Mini, based on their usage and the average cost of browsing (per MB).

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One thing that's great about the data Opera provides is that it reflects a part of the market that typically isn't captured by all the smartphone focused reports.

Note Yahoo's gains in the UK and US, especially the US. Also in the US most of the top ten handsets are BlackBerry, which offer a generally poor mobile Web experience today. RIM has promised to change that "within a year." We'll see and we'll see how that impacts Opera usage in the US. However in the Windows Mobile smartphone we demo'd (HTC) Opera was pre-installed as was IE. It's probably safe to say that Opera's brand is strong in mobile than on the PC. 

For additional data and information on more countries you can get the full report here