T-Mobile's 'Even More' Aggressive Pricing

Forget the app stores, for carriers it's becoming all about the price and the pipe. Once Android is available across the board and the iPhone cometh to other carriers what will matter is how cheap the plan is and how fast and good the coverage is.

Now that T-Mobile is no longer the exclusive Android carrier how does it compete? It competes by offering very aggressive pricing and flexible plans that will cause some problems for pre-paid carriers and for Sprint. Why not AT&T or Verizon? People love the Verizon network, falsely believing it to be the best in the US, and AT&T is still the only iPhone carrier. But Sprint and T-Mobile, which had once looked at buying the number three operator, are in an intensely competitive battle around price. 

Here are the new T-Mobile plans:

Picture 49

Picture 50

Sprint had been able to claim the lowest-priced unlimited deals vs. AT&T and Verizon. In addition, it also introduced unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling for free, regardless of network. However the T-Mobile plans beat it by at least $20 per month for the unlimited individual offering and by $50 on the unlimited family plan. 

I suspect Verizon and AT&T won't respond to this feeling secure for the moment in their respective competitive positions; however Sprint will be forced to respond.  Good news for US mobile consumers, bad news for operators.