VZW Gains Nearly 1M Subs, 2.2M iPhones Sold

Verizon reported quarterly earnings this morning. Total company revenue was almost $27 billion.

Verizon Wireless added 906,000 subscribers and activated 2.2 million iPhones (in 8 weeks), ending months of speculation. By contrast AT&T added only 62,000 subscribers but activated 3.6 million iPhones during the quarter. Verizon also activated 260,000 HTC ThunderBolts (Android), its first LTE/4G device. 

Sixty percent of new phone sales were smartphone sales at Verizon; and 65% of smartphone buyers were new smartphone owners (upgrading from feature phones).

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Approximately 32% of all Verizon Wireless customers now own smartphones. That would mean more than 30 million smartphones at Verizon alone.

The company reported that it now has "104 million total wireless connections," 88 million of which are "retail customers." (A small number of those are "connected [tablet] devices.")