Will Data Revenues Overtake Voice?

In the US there's more texting going on than talking. A couple of years ago people would not necessarily have predicted SMS would overtake voice at any time, let alone in just two years. But it happened.

The same question must now be asked of mobile data vs. voice. According to a Fierce Wireless summary of several different articles and reports, T-Mobile UK now sees 25% of its new customers signing up for mobile broadband services. Data revenues for carriers are growing much more quickly than voice revenues. 

Pricing is a lever than can further accelarate growth in data adoption, especially if there's a price war

It's going to take more than a couple years, but eventually we're likely to see penetration levels for data well above 50% in the US and in the West, as people see the mobile Internet no longer as a luxury but as a necessity. 

This was the path for the PC Internet as well: a novelty that only a few had in the beginning and then a necessity as more and more people went online. And once you start using the mobile Internet, especially on the iPhone, it's impossible to imagine being without it.