Survey: Mobile Consumers Want Discounts on Food & Entertainment

Mobile/SMS marketing vendor HipCricket just released results of a US mobile consumer marketing survey (8/08, n=517). The survey found very high levels of brand/messaging recall among respondents. The majority of survey respondents (58%) also reportedly said they were interested in mobile coupons, with 40% expressing interest in location and time-based coupons. The survey also found that 47% of respondents said they would be "likely" or "very likely" to redeem a mobile coupon.

Content categories of interest (undoubtedly aided responses):

Consumers said they would also use their mobile phone to:

  • Locate a store or restaurant -- 39%
  • Enter a contest -- 28%
  • Download a ringtone or wallpaper -- 27%
  • Visit a mobile website -- 20%
  • Sign up to receive future offers & promotions -- 14%
  • View nutritional facts while at a restaurant -- 13%

Areas of coupon interest:

  • Food and beverage -- 51%
  • Entertainment/media -- 40%
  • Retail -- 24%
  • Apparel -- 23%
  • Mobile carriers -- 21%

I'm seeking more detail on the findings but HipCricket also apparently found that "more than half of respondents never access the mobile Web and only five percent would use their phone to click on a mobile ad." HipCricket is an SMS marketing firm, so the company is trying to emphasize the value of text messaging vs. the mobile Internet.

I would also say that the recession is generally making people more receptive to discounts/offers. So people are much more open to receiving discounts on their mobile phones than they might have been a year ago. Messaging recall is aided by the novelty of mobile marketing and the fact that consumers aren't yet inured to it. 

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