Android Passes iPhone Market Share: comScore

Somewhat at odds with recent Nielsen numbers, comScore officially reported this morning that Android had pulled ahead of the iPhone as the number two smartphone platform in the US. Nielsen and comScore agree that Android has the "mo," but Nielsen shows a different lineup with the iPhone in the lead followed by RIM and then Android.

Here are the comScore data:

  1. RIM: 33.5%
  2. Android: 26%
  3. iPhone: 25%
  4. Microsoft: 9%
  5. Palm: 3.9%

Here are the Nielsen data

  1. iPhone: 28.6%
  2. RIM: 26.1%
  3. Android: 25.8%

There's a huge discrepancy regarding the RIM share figures. But the two agree on the Android numbers, which are 26% on both lists. The comScore data don't cover iPads or iPod Touch devices, which would probably boost Apple well above Android handset numbers today. However the Google OS is surging with scores of new devices being previewed at CES.

It will be very interesting to see what happens when the iPhone comes to Verizon. Is there pent up demand, as past suveys suggest, that will be unleashed or will Android continue to sell well after the introduction of a Verizon iPhone?