Apple Earnings Romp Recap

You've already seen the numbers. But if you haven't here's the top-line recap of Apple's impressive fiscal Q1 (holiday): 

The company reported revenue of $26.74 billion and net quarterly profit of $6 billion (both records). It sold the following number of units: 

  • iPhones: 16.24 million 
  • iMacs: 4.13 million
  • iPods: 19.45 million 
  • iPads: 7.33 million

Here the previous record quarter (Q4) figures for comparison purposes:

  • iPhones: 14.1 million 
  • iMacs: 3.89 million
  • iPods: 9.05 million 
  • iPads: 4.19 million

Simultaneously the iTunes store reached 10 billion app downloads. iTunes revenue for the quarter exceeded $1.1 billion. 

A few more tidbits:

  • There are now a total of 160 million iOS devices globally out in the market. 
  • Revenue grew $11 billion vs. the same period a year ago
  • iPhone sales were up 86% year-over-year; iPod touch sales were up 27%
  • Revenue from iPhone sales alone was more than $10.1 billion.
  • China stores generated the highest revenue among Apple's entire fleet of stores  . . . with revenue exceeding $2.6 billion.

On the earnings call COO Tim Cook was dismissive of Android tablets and Windows-based tablets. While Apple may "own" the larger 9" and 10" tablet category it doesn't have an offering in the 7" category where Android may find success, suggested by the positive sales numbers of the Galaxy Tab.

Overall a massive quarter.