Average CTR on Mobile 5X Higher than PC: Report

Investment firm Macquarie captured a bunch of mobile data presented, in part by Google, during and an AMA sponsored webinar on the mobile paid
search market. Most of this has been released or mentioned before but it's a nice collection of stats pertaining to mobile search and the mobile market in general: 

  • Google projected that 15%-30% of site traffic will be from mobile within 18 months  (me: Yelp has already said its number is 35%)
  • Mobile-only campaigns saw 11.5% higher CTRs vs. PC campaigns; CPCs were 30% lower on mobile vs. desktop but CTRs 5x higher (me: this isn't true across the board)
  • 33% of mobile queries have "local intent" (per Google, MSFT: 53%) 
  • After searching for a local business on a smartphone, 61% of users called the businesses and 59% visited the business
  • Tablet conversion rates are equal to or higher than desktop and tablet users spend 50% more than PC users (eBay/Shopatron research)
  • Tablet conversion rates are equal to or higher than on PCs (eBay/Shopatron research)

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