comScore: 20% to 30% of Europe Browsing Mobile Internet

ComScore released a bunch of European mobile usage data earlier today that shows the UK leading the five major countries of Europe in mobile Internet access (30.8%). If we consider apps to be "mobile Internet" the numbers go quite a bit higher.

The data also show dramatic growth in smartphone adoption across Europe, especially in the "low to mid tier" of the market:

The U.K. market strongly leads in growth of smartphone adoption over the past year, growing 70 percent to more than 11 million subscribers. France ranks second in growth with the number of smartphone subscribers up 48 percent to 7 million. Meanwhile, Italy boasts the largest number of smartphone subscribers overall (15 million) but showed the softest growth in this market at 11 percent.

Here are the charts:

Picture 87
Picture 89Picture 88

Smartphone ownership is synonymous with mobile Internet access; however the groups that do access the Internet are broader than simply smartphone owners. However engagement and frequency are much greater among smartphone owners.

Nielsen has predicted that smartphone ownership will cross the 50% threshold in the US in 2011 by Q3. I believe that to be too optimistic a prediction. However it could happen with aggressive pricing on handsets and plans.