ComScore: Apple Reach in Europe 116% Greater than Android

Earlier this week comScore put out data showing the comparative reach of Apple's iOS vs. Android in the US. It has now done the same for Europe.

In the US, comScore reported that when all the iOS devices are combined (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Apple's reach is 59% greater than Android's reach. The firm said there are a combined 37.9 million iOS users in the US vs. 23.8 million Android OS users (including tablets).

In Europe Apple's combined reach is 116% greater than Android's according to comScore. There are approximately 29 million iOS device users vs. roughly 13 million Android users in Europe: 

 Picture 32

The combined US and Europe (5 countries) comScore data for iOS argue there are 67 million iOS users in the two regions. However, yesterday Apple said that 189 million iOS devices had been sold to date. That leaves a huge discrepancy of 122 million users. Some will be in Asia, Eastern or Northern Europe and other regions not measured by comScore; and some devices are no longer in market. But that's a major gap between Apple's figures and comScore's estimates. 

The following chart shows European iPad owners and the smartphones they own. In other words 26.4% of iPad owners have Nokia phones according to the comScore data. 

Picture 33

Apple was also named the top global brand by firm General Sentiment. However, a recent Harris Poll found that Apple ranked fifth among mobile phone brands in the US based on "Familiarity, Quality and Purchase Consideration."

Something's not right with this data however. While Motorola might legitimately beat out Apple, the fact that HTC, Sony Ericsson and Nokia would outrank the iPhone is suspect. Nokia has almost no presence in the US market and Sony Ericsson has limited brand awareness, unless people are reacting to the "Sony" part of the brand.