Google Surging, iPhone Flat, RIM Falling in Latest comScore Metrics

There have been a flurry of reports from Nielsen and comScore that have now consistently established Android outselling the iPhone. But now Google has become the clear dominant smartphone platform in the US.

Last Friday when Nielsen put out mobile market share numbers showing that Android had topped RIM and Apple, comScore rushed out a chart showing something similar. However today comScore released its more complete mobile marketshare data:

 Picture 20

The impact of the Verizon iPhone is still not reflected here -- the iPhone is flat on a percentage basis -- but Android's momentum continues to grow impressively. And look at RIM; it's slide continues. 

Immediately below is December data for comparison purposes: 

Picture 22

The following is comScore's data on mobile content usage, which is all pretty flat: 

 Picture 21

In the chart app usage is growing faster than browser usage, though browser penetration remains greater by a little under 2 points.

It would be interesting to discover whether these Android users are upgrading from feature phones or BlackBerry devices. It's curious to me that we have all these new Android handsets in the US market but not that much more mobile Internet usage.