How Many Smartphone 'Independents' Are out There?

Comscore has just released some data that examines search users by demographic characteristics. It profiles those searching for Facebook vs. Google+ and other query comparison categories. One of the comparisons is between those searching for iPhone related queries vs. those searching for Android handsets:

iPhone searchers and Android searchers mirror each other very closely [and] also conduct almost the exact same number of searches for these phones (about 4 per searcher) . . . They have not made up their minds yet and there will be multiple times to speak with them before they convert and make a purchase.

As the quote suggests, the numbers and graphics reveal that these search audiences are almost identical. Comscore concludes that these individuals are the smartphone equivalent of independent voters who haven't made up their minds about which candidate to choose. 

iPhone vs Android SearcherS

The question is how large is this "undecided" audience? What fraction of the smartphone electorate does it represent? Is this 5%, 10% or 50% of would-be smartphone buyers? We don't know that and it matters.