IDC: Apple Passes Nokia in Europe Q1 Smartphone Sales

IDC has reported some revised Q1 smartphone numbers and they're pretty dramatic. Apple has become the number two smartphone maker, just behind Nokia, and in Europe Apple has overtaken Nokia in terms of Q1 sales. In Western Europe Samsung is now the top handset maker overall (feature phones + smartphones). 

The Q1 sales numbers are not the same thing as overall market share but they show momentum. And the numbers show how far Nokia has fallen in just a couple of years. In Q1 2009 Nokia had 39% of the smartphone market, while Apple had 11%. As recently as Q1 2010 Nokia still maintained about 39%. 

Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 7.14.58 AM

Source: IDC, 2009 Q1

Immediately below are IDC's global 2011 Q1 numbers, showing that Nokia has fallen from almost 40% share to 24.3% in a year. Unless the company brings out its Windows Phones fast (and unless they're good) it will continue to lose share to Apple and the Android OEMs. 

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Below are the Western Europe numbers, showing Apple passing Nokia in Q1 (not overall market share). Here the decline has been even more dramatic as Nokia lost 15 share points in a year (from 40.6% to 19.6%). RIM continued to grow, but HTC and Samsung saw huge gains, mostly with Android handsets.

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