Interesting comScore Online-Mobile 'Cross Platform' User Study

In a study conducted by comScore this past October the firm sought to understand the relationship between online and mobile user behavior. The firm found something interesting: heavy PC users tended to use mobile less than light PC users. From the release out yesterday:

Twenty percent of PC Internet users in the cross-media panel were classified as heavy users, and accounted for 43 percent of overall page views, while 50 percent were light users and accounted for 18 percent of page views. The balance was classified as medium users.

The study also found that mobile Internet users are more likely to be male (58 percent) and to be 18 to 44 years of age. Possibly reflecting this demographic skew, heavy mobile Internet users show a high engagement with Web sites that provide information that is appealing to people with more active lifestyles:

  • Regional / local content
  • Entertainment
  • Sports information

In contrast, light mobile Internet users are heavier users of the PC to access Internet content and are heavily engaged with the following types of Internet content:

  • Education
  • Conversational Media
  • Travel
  • Business / Finance
  • Retail

One of the conclusions is that mobile increases ad reach or may reach new or complementary audiences. That was already generally established by a prior Nielsen study.

This is an interesting result and I'm not sure what to make of the "heavy PC" and "light PC" inverse-relationship-to-mobile finding. I think over time there will be less of a discrepancy and more movement toward mobile. There will also be less of a distinction between the genders, preferred online vs. mobile content and, in general, less of a mobile-PC divide.