Kids, Mobile Phones and eReaders

Last month Mediamark released survey data on kids with mobile devices as well as demographic data on the 2.1 million owners of eReader devices in the US. Mobile phones are now deeply penetrated in the tween segment and eReaders are for the affluent according to the data, which follow. 

First kids and mobile devices . . .

The data come from the company's "2009 American Kids Study, with approximately 5,000 participants from households included in the Survey of the American Consumer." Here were the top activities among kids on their mobile phones:

  • Call my parents: 88.1%
  • Call friends: 68.1%
  • Emergency Purposes: 55.7%
  • Text Messaging: 54.1%
  • Play Games: 49.0%
  • Take Pictures: 47.8%
  • Listen to music: 34.4%
  • Picture messaging: 24.2%
  • Download ringtones: 16.5%

Picture 166


Mediamark says there are approximately 2.1 million US adults who own eReaders. The firm said that owners are "more likely than the average adult to be well-educated and have high incomes . . .They are also far more likely to be heavy Internet users." This of course makes sense, given that these are largely luxuries or "frivilous" devices right now. 

Percent More Likely Than Average U.S. Adult to….

  • Have accessed the Internet outside the home via WiFi or wireless connection (in last 30 days): 199%
  • Have household income of $100,000 or more annually: 87%
  • Have accessed the Internet with a cell phone or other mobile device (in last 30 days): 154%
  • Be a Heavy Internet User: 116%
  • Have a Bachelor’s or Post-Graduate Degree: 111%
  • Be between the ages of 35-54: 20%
  • Be male: 16%

According to Mediamark:

At 56.3% of e-reader users, men outnumber women (43.7%).  Adults ages 35-54 are the “sweet spot” for this product, as they are 20% more likely than the average adult to own an e-reader.

These data from from MRI's Fall 2009 Survey of the American Consumer, which is based on 26,000 interviews of US adults.