Mobclix: iPhone Users More Valuable

Velti's Mobclix put out some data a couple of days ago that shows iPhone users are more "valuable" than Android users. Some apps categories are more valuable than others. But across the board, iPhone users buy more and spend more than Android users on apps. Part of that is the lack of a widely penetrated and easy to use payments infrastructure for Android however.

Here's the Mobclix "infographic" showing the differences in value between iPhone and Android users in various app categories:

Picture 27

Once again, it's iTunes that is largely the explanation behind the discrepancy here.

As a kind of related aside, I've seen it reported in several places that Android users "click more" than iPhone users. Mobile ad mediator/exchange Smaato reports on the display ad CTRs of the users of the various operating systems. (Note: CTR is the wrong metric to use to evaluate the efficacy of display ads.)

In December Smaato found that iOS users clicked much more than Android users. But mid-2010 data shows the opposite. Has Smaato has changed its methodology? Are iAds responsible for higher clicks/engagement on iPhones? Or, as Android has grown have CTRs simply become diluted?

It's a curious change. All the operating systems are in roughly the same position except iPhone and Android users, which changed places: 

Picture 30