Morgan's Meeker: Mobile Becoming Digital 'Hub', iPhone the Fav Device

At the "Web 2.0" event yesterday in San Francisco Morgan Stanley Analyst Mary Meeker laid out digital trends, exposed lots of slides and made many predictions of the future. Mobile was a dominant part of the presentation. She said a number of things, which some criticized as obvious. We weren't there but have the slides and we basically agree with her that mobile becomes a larger and larger phenomenon -- a kind of communications and content hub, a remote control (if you will) for people's digital lives. 

The most interesting part of the presentation (slides at least) is the comparison of growth among consumer devices/products/services, showing how quickly mobile is ramping, as well as the collapse of carrier control of the consumer (see below). Here are a few of the slides:

Picture 83

 The iPhone and Android control more Web browsing than their share of devices:

Picture 84

 The carriers are losing control of consumers ("dumb pipe" ahead): 

Picture 85

The iPhone is the fastest growing hardware platform "in history": 

Picture 86

There was also bullish talk about location-based services. We agree with the general statement that consumers care about what's happening around them but effective LBS/advertising and monetization is much more complex than most people (including most analysts) understand. 

We also agree that social network access on mobile devices is going to be increasingly common, pushing out all but a tiny number of the mobile-only social sites -- hence Loopt's efforts to reinvent itself and figure out how to adapt to this new reality.