Nielsen: Mobile Video Exceeding Online Video

Last week, Nielsen put out its quarterly three screen report tracking video viewing. Here's the data to support the headline above:

[T]he average American watches approximately 153 hours of TV every month at home, a 1.2% increase from last year. In addition, the 131 million Americans who watch video on the Internet watch on average about 3 hours of video online each month at home and work. The 13.4 million Americans who watch video on mobile phones watch on average about 3 ½ hours of mobile video each month.

(emphasis added.)

According to Nielsen, those 12-17 watch double the average amount of video on their mobile phones: 6+ hours monthly. 

Three screens report

Comedy and weather (that's right, weather) are the video categories most watched on mobile phones, says Nielsen.

All this mobile video includes downloaded content from sources like the iTunes store. Notwithstanding the rise in video viewing on mobile devices there remains little appetite for subscription based TV on mobile phones. In our most recent consumer survey only 7% expressed interest in mobile TV, while the large majority said no and some said it would depend on cost and/or quality. 

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