Pew: Text the Dominant Medium for Teens

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has put out an extensive report on teens and mobile phone behavior. It's based on a telephone survey of US teens and their parents. There's lots of data and nuance but the big (and already familiar) takeaways are these:

Many teens are going online with their phones (27%). This generally mirrors some of the figures for mobile Internet access in the broader population.

Many teens from lower income households or where there is no computer in the home use their mobile phones as a way to get on the Internet:

Who pays the bill?

According to the report, 26% of teens "live in households that do not have a land-line phone, and 29% of all families say they receive all or almost all of their calls on a cellular phone."

Picture 66

Picture 65

The implications of studies like this are fairly obvious:

There's considerably more to the report, which can be accessed here.