Report: iPad Highest Rated Consumer Product -- Ever

Apple led all other PC makers in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index's (ACSI's) latest round of satisfaction numbers for consumer electronics. The ACSI conducts surveys across a range of products and industries and compiles scores on "more than 225 companies in 45 industries."

The iPad reportedly pulled up Apple's overall numbers and was its highest scoring product. Indeed, the iPad emerged as "the highest-scoring product ACSI has tracked." Overall Apple lead others in the category by 9 points, it's greatest margin to date.

Here's the commentary provided by ACSI on the data:

Apple continues its dominance, leading the PC category by a wide margin for the seventh straight year. Customer satisfaction with Apple’s computer products, including the iPad, rose 2% to an ACSI of 86—the highest score ever for Apple. The company now has a 9-point lead over its nearest competitor. No other company in the ACSI has as formidable a lead within its own industry. Innovation and product diversification, along with strong customer service, have long been at the center of Apple’s success.

 Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 2.15.52 PM

They'll be making some PR hay out of that. As I've been previously told by ACSI spokespeople these numbers are predictive of future sales. We'll see when the Galaxy Tab and other tablets show up whether they're as favorably received.