Report: 'NetTabs' to Sell Millions This Year

Consulting firm Deloitte contends that ''NetTabs will be purchased by tens of millions of people in 2010." NetTab is an awkward term coined by the firm to refer to the emerging category or tablet or slate computers.

In September last year electronics shopping site Retrevo published the results of a US survey (n=771) that asked about eReader buying intentions:

Planning to buy an eReader this year?

  • 21% yes (Males vs. females: 26% vs. 17%)
  • 79% no

What brand are you going to buy?

  • 62% Amazon Kindle
  • 32% Sony
  • 6% Other¬†

The Kindle and Sony devices are not Internet access devices at this point. Many new tablets/readers (including the Nook) have been introduced since this survey was conducted. However it's not clear to me that what Deloitte is arguing will come to pass. Much remains to be seen, including whether the Apple Tablet can be a mainstream device and "market maker."

Tablet computers have actually been around for a long time but failed to catch on. The new category of "bigger than a smartphone, more convenient than a netbook or laptop" is what we're talking about here. So far, however, none of the devices introduced are all that exciting (other than the pure eReaders like Kindle). Accordingly there's no indication that the category that Deloitte is talking about will take off -- at the moment.