Report: Social Nets Dominate Mobile Airtime

According to new mobile metrics provider, Ground Truth, "social networking activity comprises more than half of the time spent on the Mobile Internet." These data are drawn from "a census of 3.05 million U.S. mobile phone users," based in large part on mobile operator data.

It's not clear what the handset breakdown is. But the larger US market looks like this: about 20%-22% smartphones and just under 80% non-smartphones. Here a couple of charts provided by Ground Truth to illustrate the data:

Picture 49

Picture 50

I have no trouble believing that people are spending huge amounts of time with mobile social networks. However, the company argues that these lesser known mobile-social networks are dominating Facebook and MySpace. There's not much context provided but it raises the question of the demographic and handset breakdowns behind the data. Who are the people that are on MocoSpace and MobaMingle? What is the hierarchy here?

I have to believe that most of these companies aren't going to survive over time given Facebook's aggressive march into mobile. Even MySpace is at risk.