Retrevo: 20% Under 35 Click Mobile Ads

Electronics comparison site Retrevo conducted an online survey (n=1,000) of US adults earlier this month, regarding mobile shopping and receptiveness to mobile advertising. The data are generally consistent with our data and other information in the market; consumers increasingly use their phones as shopping aids/tools but are ambivalent toward mobile advertising. (One note: attitudes and behavior don't line up in the discussion of mobile ads.)

Younger users were generally more "advanced" in their behaviors and receptive to mobile advertising. To see the full results and Retrevo's discussion go here

Q: Have you ever used a mobile phone to research products, compare prices, find retailers or to shop?

Picture 21
Source: Retrevo (2/09, n=1,000)

Q: Have you made a purchase using a mobile phone?

Picture 22
Source: Retrevo (2/09, n=1,000)

Q: Have you ever responded to an advertisement on your mobile phone?
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Source: Retrevo (2/09, n=1,000)

The top chart, about using the handset during shopping, is the one to focus on. We can qualify all the findings as perhaps being not entirely representative of the mainstream shopper, etc. However, we will see huge numbers of people using handsets for research and other information (looking for deals?) during the shopping process. 

Much of the so-called "mobile commerce" is going to be about finding the right product for less online: I confirm I want it in the store and buy it for less on Amazon, for example. This scenario may eventually become a problem for retailers and boost e-commerce, ironically. 

Ads that are relevant and timely (think coupons, deals, discounts in shopping) will also succeed despite apparent consumer hostility. 


Related: Shopping by Mobile Will Grow to $119 Billion in 2015

This forecast apparently consists of virtual goods payments and actual mobile buying of conventional goods. The former is a big market getting bigger. The latter will grow but the $119 billion figure is very aggressive. Dominant scenario is reflected the first chart above: using the phone to research, check prices -- not buy via mobile.