With Scores of Devices of Course Android Is Gaining

As though it were a big surprise dozens of articles appeared in the past 72 hours based on Quantcast data that showed Android now represents 25% of overall US mobile Web access compared to the Apple's 56%. This data doesn't capture activity on apps I believe. And while the chart below says "iOS" it's not totally clear that this encompansses iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. 

As more Android devices are sold more people use them to access the mobile Internet. It's a very simple equation. There are now well over a dozen Android devices in the US market, from all the major carriers, with more on the way. Contrast that with the iPhone -- a single device from a single carrier. Apple has throttled its own growth through allegiance to AT&T. 

The more significant information in the Quantcast data is not that Android is growing and gaining share but that other platforms are not -- RIM and Windows Mobile in particular. Windows awaits its total refresh and consumer reaction but RIM is in trouble if the Quantcast data are correct. 

Contrast the Quantcast chart with on from StatCounter below, which shows a similar trend (iPhone vs. Android) but a different picture for RIM in particular. However the StatCounter data is simply OS market share, not necessarily mobile Web access. 


Screen shot 2010-09-07 at 7.06.58 AM

Update: Here's an update on the Quantcast data, released today. The company cut the data slightly differently in this analysis by device OEM. And it offered the following commentary:

Apple's iPhone has seen a solid reversal of its downward trend since the introduction of the iPhone 4, however, this is offset for iOS share by the decline of the iPod Touch (which we include in the mobile web  though it is not a smartphone).

As we can see below, the iPhone put in a solid performance in August 2010.