Report: Average iOS User Will Download 83 Apps in 2011

Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt, author of the Apple 2.0 blog, has released some app-store metrics courtesy of Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster. Munster has a mixed track record on Apple numbers so take it all with caution. 

Here are the Munster estimates:

  • Average Apple device owner app downloads in 2011: 83 (vs. 51 in 2010)
  • Average iOS paid-app selling price is up 14% year over year according to Munster. Average price: $1.44 (iPad apps are more expensive on average)
  • Apple has "more than" 425,000 apps (others estimate at 500K). Compare Android at 200K
  • 82% of iOS apps are free (this is a higher percentage than others' estimates)

Just doing basic math with these figures, the hypothetical average iOS user would spend about $21.50 this year on apps. There are plenty of people who spend a good deal more, including me (on behalf of myself and my kids).