Surprise: iPhone 2X Activations of All Verizon's Smartphones Combined

With millions in marketing spend Verizon "made" Android in the US to compete with AT&T's iPhone. Now Verizon may need the iPhone to prevent it from becoming too dependent on Android.

According to provocative estimates and analysis from AllThingsD (relying on financial analyst data) and the Asymco blog:

  • RIM sales at VZW declined 45% YoY in Q3
  • 80% of VZW's smartphone sales in November were Android
  • Verizon is potentially losing bargaining power against Google/Android given the sales volume Android commands

Source: Asymco

In addition the Asymco post argues that in Q3 "the iPhone at AT&T outsold Android [all devices] at Verizon by a factor of 2.5X." These data and analysis tell a very different story than the Garnter-IDC-comScore narrative of Android dominating the market. In fact they're a bit confusing because they seem dramatically in opposition to the "Android juggernaut" narrative.

It will be very interesting to see whether and by how much a Verizon iPhone impacts Android sales. Regardless, if these data are correct RIM should be extremely concerned. It still has the most units in the market but they seem to confirm the BlackBerry "doomsday scenarios."