Survey: More People Want Android than Apple

Nielsen released new survey data for Q1. The measurment firm now says that more US smartphone buyers are looking at Android than Apple handsets. In terms of those planning to buy a smartphone, here's how the survey data break down:

  • 31% Android 
  • 30% Apple
  • 11% RIM
  • 6% Windows Phone
  • 20% "not sure"


Among those who had bought a smartphone in the past six months, Nielsen said 50% bought Android devices, 25% bought an iPhone and 15% bought BlackBerry phones.


Finally, in terms of current smartphone market share, Nielsen said the market now looks like this: 

  • Android: 37%
  • iPhone: 27%
  • RIM: 22%
  • Windows: 10%
  • Palm/WebOS: 3%
  • Symbian: 2% 

For a larger context and comparison look at comScore's recent iOS vs. Android analysis, which showed iOS reach to be greater in the US and Europe if iPad and iPod Touch devices are included.

There's something that's not clear from the top-line data released by Nielsen. That is, do people seek out "Android" devices or are they looking at particular OEM phones (Droid, Atrix, Optimus, EVO, Inspire, etc.)? My theory is that people are interested in particular OEM handsets from their carriers and that Android the OS has limited consumer awareness.

I could be wrong. But I'm interested to see data or research around this question.