U.K. Study: Price Matters (to Younger Users)

Again and again we encounter the same thing: mobile Internet demand is there but price is a barrier to adoption especially among younger users. This new data (via MediaPost) corroborates that principle:

A study by the U.K.-based Mobixell Networks, an mobile advertising network, says 35% of 16- to-35-year-olds would use more ad-funded multimedia messaging services (MMS) if those services were offered for free or at a discount. Twenty-nine percent also say they would use more video services if offered for free or at a discount.

Mobixell also reports that all age groups for mobile-phone users had positive reactions in using ad-sponsored content in video services.

The study was conducted among 832 mobile phone subscribers in the U.K.

The problem is that the Internet has conditioned everyone to expect everything for free and to be ad-supported. Thus there's resistance to subscription models for content and even services beyond a baseline.