Updated US Wireless Carrier Numbers

This week AT&T and Verizon reported Q2 revenues. Verizon Wireless had 1.4 million net wireless customer additions, while AT&T reported 1.6 million net customer gains for the most recent quarter.

Here are the "big four" in the US:

  • Verizon: 92.1 million total subscribers
  • AT&T: 90.1¬†million¬†
  • Sprint: 48.1 million (reports Q2 July 28)
  • T-Mobile: 33.7 million

Total: 264 million (not counting smaller carriers). CTIA says there are 285.6 million total US mobile subsribers.  

The gap between the two leaders and the smaller carriers certainly argues in favor of some sort of combination, which has previously been rumored and even supported in principle by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.