Device News: iPhone Passes RIM, Verizon iPhone, Nexus Two, Microsofties Get 7

There's quite a bit of device and handset news today. So I'll discuss in summary fashion . . .

The iPhone sold out online in China in 10 hours. Fortune nonchallantly confirms a Verizon iPhone in this profile of Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg. And the headline being widely circulated today is "Apple passes RIM, now in the top 5." This is resonating because it appears to confirm RIM's now "also ran" status in the smartphone market. 

Here's IDC's chart showing the top global handset vendors (and here's some related market share analysis):

Picture 24

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is being lauded as a better than expected Android tablet. US carrier Sprint is indirectly benefiting from the iPad's popularity as sales of its mobile hotspots gain to support it. 

Google's Nexus Two, which we thought was going to launch on November 8 as a Samsung handset, is apparently not launching on November 8 but is being made by Samsung, though it may not be called "Nexus Two."

Finally, Microsoft is giving all its employees Windows 7 phones